Singing teaching- and vocal coaching services

My name is Susanna Korhonen and I work as a singer, musician, producer and a pop & jazz singing pedagogue (University of Applied Sciences/AMK). I love music and I’m passionate about my work.

At my singing lessons, you get to develop your voice with a guidance of a professional – whether you’re a beginner or you work in music industry. I offer pop & jazz singing and voice usage teaching in areas including singing technique, pop & jazz music singing repertory, musical rendition, improvising, and vocal instrument care. Singing is all-encompassing and highly personal; therefore as a teacher, I aim to create a safe and positive learning environment where making mistakes is welcomed and which encourages one to try one’s best. One of my main targets in teaching is for each of my students to find a connection to their own vocal instrument, body and voice.  I also aspire to help my students get free from possible unnecessary tensions towards a freely resounding voice instrument.

In addition, I teach rendition and emotional expression, which I consider to be highly important in singing. We can also work on ways to handle performance anxiety and the basis of performing technique. I also teach songwriting, musical theory, voice- and body care and producing a healthy and efficient speaking voice.

I always plan my lessons to fit your wishes and goals so that you’ll get to develop those skills you need. I think that singing and music belong to everyone. I love music and my job, and I always want to share the joy of music with the students who come to my lessons.

I have a much experience in working as a singing teacher as well as a musician. At the moment I’m working as a vocalist in the band Cubic, and I do also gigs with duo SUSANNA & PETRA. At the same time I produce music and do sound design for various projects, as well as writing songs for my own upcoming production. I can also provide practical work-centric guidance for developing your own musicianship, if you dream music being your career.

I have also worked as a vocal producer and a vocal coach in recording sessions. Ask me for an offer and I’ll work with you to ensure the best-possible vocal recording session!


I hold my lessons by good public transportation in Kalasatama, Helsinki. Lessons are in English or Finnish!

Feel free to contact me and ask for more information.  Welcome to sing!

You’ll catch me via phone with a message 0407555094, email me susanna (at) or with the blanket below.