Cubic is a band that entertains partygoers all over Finland. The ensemble, consisting of five professional musicians, has been providing audiences with youthfully energetic performances since the year 2011. Great vibes and sensitive-yet-fierce renditions are guaranteed by a large selection of dance music, including greatest hits from different decades – both by Finnish and international artists. We provide a great deal of traditional dance music, which is guaranteed to make the older dancers move their feet as well. With a radiant female vocalist, magnificent backing vocals and phenomenal solo performances, Cubic provides a moving, atmosphere-lifting musical entirety with young energy and strong professionalism for every occasion.

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Susanna Korhonen – lead vocal
Pekka Löhönen – bass, backing vocal
Heikki Selamo – guitar, backing vocal
Sami Rahko – drums, backing vocal
Unto Luoto – keys


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+358408317791 / +358407555094





“You raised the mood to the clouds, and during the second set I was sad to realize that there was only one set left…” -Bride

“Yesterday’s wedding couple thanks you for a FANTASTIC gig, great vibes! 🙂 Special thanks for the playlist that made both young and old friends dance with everything they’ve got!” -Bride

“I hope that someday I’ll get to enjoy your soundtrack again at another party!” -Bride

“You can be sure that I will recommend you in the future to those who are looking for a band, because you were absolutely fantastic from start to finish. You had a very professional approach and the musicianship was impressive. The band was a big part of the party and we both were more than happy!” -Groom

“Both sets worked really well, special thanks for going all-in with your wigs and masks. It couldn’t have gone much better 🙂 If anyone ever needs a party band, we at least know who we can recommend :)” -Festival organizer

photos: Jussi Rekiaro Photography

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